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Instant news and weather updates on your device


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Google News and Weather is an official application from Google that lets you have a widget on your Android's desktop that you can use to quickly access all the headlines of the moment and the weather information.

In the app you can use a side panel to access different news categories: national, international, economy, sports, etc. You just have to tap on one of them to see all the related headlines, and tap again to access the entire content.

In the settings in Google News and Weather you can customize the content of your news. You can choose which publications you want to filter, among 65.000+ that are available, so you don't have to read titles that you don't want to from any specific media.

Google News and Weather is a useful news application for two reasons: it has a simple interface, and it lets you access the latest news really quickly from your Android device. Besides, just having this app installed you can forget about many others taking space on your memory.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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